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journal entry 18/8/2013

First I'd like to thank all the amazing people who asked about me and about whats happening here. I really wasn't going to continue updating this blog , given the mental state I'm in right now . My updates on the current events starting from 30/6/2013 are from what I feel and see only so i wont be copying any reports or facts and numbers of whats happening here, so this is what I think and feel and I'm trying to do just to all parties who is dragged into this mess . I'll start by what happened since 2011 because what we are facing now is consequences of what started then. 

1- how the whole thing started back in 2011:

I remember I never mentioned 25 jan 2011 , well I'll try briefing it to put everyone in the picture . JAN 25 police's force day , this date was specifically chosen to protest against police brutality here in egypt and the main incident that sparked all this is the death of the young Khaled Said 27 year old boy living in alex beaten to death by two cops, then accused of carrying drugs and the cause of death in official reports was that he died from low blood pressure "this is a picture of khaled before and after the incident PLEASE DONT OPEN 18+ scottlong1980.files.wordpress.…" thats not how a person who died from low blood pressure looks like , and that was just one incident from 1000s. the country's economy was dominated by 17 families , over 40% of the Egyptian families earn 2$/day the whole family earned it not just one person . there was no medical care or insurance. epidemic diseases out breaking every where . villages without clean water . train accident killing hundreds .... etc I could go on forever about how ugly this country was or still is. 

the reaction to the initial peaceful protest was bombing the protesters with tear gas and water , the same night the protests started, no negotiation nothing. this violence + the media saying that these protesters were foreign agents and deserved to be prosecuted drove millions into the streets , by each stupid decision made by mohamed hosny's government more people went to the streets .They cut the phone lines , the internet ,the electricity and that drove more people to protest. 

then the government was changed , hosny choose a vice president "which we didn't have for 30 years lol" but it was too late people were demanding by then a whole change and new elections , at this time the vise president omar soliman called for a meeting with representatives from the protesters , no one showed but the muslim brotherhood members :) they went to negotiate with mubarak, which the whole country didn't want  "PS: by that time the Muslim brotherhood was an illegal group , hunted and tortured by the same government of mubarak they were negotiating with ... the irony 

At that time terrorists and foreign militias were attacking the police stations and raiding the prisons to free the prisoners causing chaos in the streets. 

so what was happening 
1- riots against mubarak that he ignored till it was impossible to negotiate "the rioters where mainly middle class citizens + muslim brotherhood youth + anybody against mubarak's regime"  
2- the muslim brotherhood leaders rushed to negotiate with Omar soliman "mubarak vise president" to earn a part in the new political scene by selling the revolution and all what it stands for 
3- prisons and police stations overtaken by thugs and terrorists 
4- the police disappeared from the streets 
5- pro mubarak protesters fought the protesters on the infamous incident معركة الجمل ... yes they rode camels and entered el tahrir killing people there :s 

2- The army ruling 2011:2012

the army interfered removed mubarak and tantawi ruled the country for a year "and still we had all the killing and injustice exactly and even more than before 25 jan :)" by then most of the non- ikhwani protesters were pushed outside the political scene .the youth who started it all where not presented on the political scene and subsided, they tried to form political  parties that gained no support because it was all from youth , while the parties that dominated the political view were : 

1- AL horeya we el adala : Ikhwany "muslim brotherhood" party , the muslim brotherhood a huge underground international cooperation with no clear agenda , has religious influence, trained militia , and huge money capitol . so there party was well organized and supported 
2- Al nour: Salafi party "another religious based political party" these guys are religious extremists but at least they are honest 
3- Al wafd: old political party started 1978 .. does and will do nothing but it's old and has it's supporters :s
4- el kotla el masreya: group of new parties containing liberals , leftest, democrats, mostly of young and new political parties 

these were the major 4 parties that dominated the scene

without saying much both the horyea and el nor "mulim brotherhood and salafy parties and won the majority of the elections  people elected them because they thought that these parties will bring peace and rule as old Muslims did , their campaigns stated that electing them would pave your way to heaven because you are supporting god and islam .... "I find that cheap and disgusting" having over 30% illiterate and another 30% that can read put are politically ignorant going to the elections made those two parties gain 66% of the seats at the parliament ... majority 

we were not that thrilled by having a majority that represented one ideology but what the heck they cant be that bad  

3- The elections 2012

YAY finally an elected leader we haven't had that for over 60 years , yes there was elections but all forged and illigal 

there where 13 candidates
- some were from the old regime of mubarak like ahmed shafiq "total drunkard, the guy's speeches made no sense at all"
- some we really knew nothing about khalid ali young lawyer , bothina kamel a tv presenter, selim el awa politician with no influence  
- some were really strong and had a good chance of wining but were subsided mohamed el bradie , ayman nour  "they turned out to be incompetent in the end" 
- hazem salah abo ismalil a so called shiekh a man of religion ... :s he's the worst lied like hell , had tons of obedient followers that are ready to die for him literally
- mohamed el shater later exchanged by mohamed morsy :s from the brotherhood , need I say more 
- hamdin sabahy .... well he was the one i voted for he's taking the same political route as gamal abd el naser the only egyptian president that I admire 

and in the end it was either between shafiq " yes mubarak's toy" and morsy "puppet of the muslim brotherhood" yes we were screwed 

and guess what morsi won , making the muslim brotherhood dominate the presidency and the parliament :) till that point we were not thrilled or pro to this but thats democracy right 

4- Mohamed morsy 2012:2013

morsy is a mechanical engineer with PHD worked as a collage professor and he claimed to work for NASA "one of many lies he said to win the election of course" , at the beginning morsy had the support from all who opposed mubarak regime - which includes the majority of Egyptian citizens and political parties, not only the muslim brotherhood - 

first , morsi formed the new government ... and to our surprise it was mostly from the brotherhood :) 
second , the parliament choose a constitution writing committee ... guess what it had majory from the muslim brotherhood XD

so by then after two years we replaced one dictator with another we had the muslim brotherhood overtake everything 
- the Parliament
- the government
- the president
- the governors and high position officials 
- the constitution writing committee 

the supreme court announced that the constitution writing committee was ILLEGAL because it should contain individuals representing all egyptians not only the brotherhood , even the members from al azhar "highest islamic authority" and the church left the committee as a type of protest of what the members of the brotherhood were doing , mohamed morsi reelected the committee and added more ikhwan to it breaking the order of the supreme law and issuing an illegal constitution and asking the people to vote on it , non of us went to the voting I personally didn't the constitution was a joke written by nonprofessionals it had statements stating the total opposite, it was a mess

the supreme court started the fight with the Muslim brotherhood's regime they declared that there were technical illegalities with the parliament elections and that it should be reelected  "couldn't they announce that before the elections really" and declared the Parliament illegal 

Morsi broke all types of law by declaring that any Presidential Decree or dissension shall not be subjected to any legal questioning or any type of questioning , now people had enough for a while and protestes started against morsi again and the muslim brotherhood members besieged the supreme court headquarters , and there were protests for a long time before 30/6 for multiple reasons like

1- the constitutional mess discussed above
2- the international problems morsi caused by his utter stupidity , like the water problem with Ethiopia "there will be no enough water to drink in egypt for 5 years till the Ethiopian damn is built" and the government didn't flinch about it 
3- the daily power outage for 2:6 hours daily 
4- no police or safety
5- train disasters on monthly bases tenth died in train accident the most horrible one was a train running over a school bus 50 kids were killed
6- the prices of everything was doubled 2:3 times
7- employment problems increased
8- taxes increased
9- no gas or petroleum  

and much more that's just the tip of the iceberg

5- 30/6 the second wave of the revolution

morsi should die , the government officials should be tutored , the police higher officials should be burned alive for leaving the country without protection for over 2 years ... but in the end people like me are the ones ding people who've done nothing wrong but fight for the freedom they seek, each has their different twisted perspective of freedom of course , the youth from the brotherhood the non islamy youth both fight for what they were manipulated to believe is right

we are all pawns in a game killing each other , lead to fight a war for horrible leaders that just stand back and watch , it's all a sham, a game 

the young soldiers are ding so that abd el fatah el sisi gets the glory
the muslim brotherhood youth are ding so that there leaders could negotiate getting out of egypt safely with all their money 
the young protesters are dying to get another tyrant into the game 
they call this freedom 


Welcome to the dark ages 2013 version .A country where the human life is worth 5000 LE nearly 700$ "the actual amount of compensation for the martyrs from the government" doesn't deserve dying for , I'll fight for freedom not for morsi not for el sisi and not for anyone , anyone ding right now is throwing their life away for nothing, people who aspire to live like human beings with rights and dignity should leave this hell hole. two years of innocents ding and things are only getting worse, we lost the way, we lost the common goal all this started for and now all is being manipulated to go through a war so that the people who truly deserve death could get what they can and jump out of the sinking ship 

I have 0 hope for this country , people here are cruel beyond description some are cheering for the army to kill the brotherhood members and the muslim brotherhood members are congratulating each other on killing civilians. it's kinda like a football game but with blood .congratulations you lost your humanity anybody cheering and encouraging this type of violence on both parties should be the one getting killed . the revolution is a lie , human dignity here is a lie , heck even humanity here is a luxury 

I really want out I don't give a damn anymore I really don't

if anyone want to wrong me or trash me go ahead I don't give a f&%& and I wont reply 

I know this journal is ridiculously long so thank you for going through all of it , I really hope no other country would go through all this no one deserves this, and I din't revise this so there's probably gonna be tons of grammatical and spelling mistakes but am too tired to go through it again sorry 

thank you 
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boot-cheese-3000 Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2015
Well you know the saying.........."

"you know how a Politician is lying? Because their lips are moving."

This totally sounded like it was doomed from the beginning. How a beautiful Nation like that RICH with History has fallen so badly is beyond me but it saddens me deeply. Egypt/Khemet used to be the MECCA of Civilization back in ancient times. People all over the Mediterranean went there to learn and do business. Now it's a cesspool of Death and Destruction.
kasrawy Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
you're right unfortunately things here are escalating quickly it's not only about local politics anymore, isis sabotage now in lybia is directly affecting egyptians here and abroad 
we're all praying that this bloodshed is over soon, it's really rough and depressing , remember charlie ebo's incident, it's like an everyday thing here 
boot-cheese-3000 Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2015
Oh and don't apologize for taking so long to get back to me babe, it's ok. We all have a Life outside of the Internet............well some of us do and it's easy to tell who they are. :laughing: I know you'll get back with me whenever you can. :nod:

Charlie Ebo? You talking about that Hebdo incident in France where those cartoonists were murdered? That was HORRIBLE but to just behave like that was an isolated incident is what pisses me off. People completely ignored what Boko Haram is doing in Nigeria displacing those people. The fact that 2000 people died that one day during that bombing incident and all people kept whining about was Charlie Hebdo shows alot of ignorance and prejudice not only in the Media but in alot of individuals. ANY Life lost is worth mourning. :no:

I can only imagine the carnage continuing daily out there in Northern Afrika. Paris got off LUCKY in my opinion. Fuck the lamebrain hashtags saying Je Suis Charlie, that doesn't shed light on the bigger issue, it's just another dumb catch phrase distracting people from the real problem.
kasrawy Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
thanks for understanding :) I really like talking to you, hope I could do that more often 

yes hebdo incident, and you're right not more than 2 weeks after that 21 christian Egyptians were brutally slaughtered by isis in Libya and no one flinched, and the Jordanian pilot burned alive and posted online for the world to see ... and still no one cared
it's really rough knowing that the same ppl that don't even care about us (like the un and us and other 1st world countries ) are the ones affecting the most major decisions regarding our political life and how we should defend ourselves :( isis will grow and they will soon be a threat not only to the middle east but to the entire world, and we are even prohibited to take the least military actions against them, it's like they are ordering us to roll over and die, and even if there is no fighting directly affecting most of the common public this terror war is affecting our economy badly. over 40% of Egyptians are under the poverty line, 60% unemployed and even now we can't travel outside Egypt to work as we used to .... damn lol enough with this depressing subject I kinda have faith that we'll get through this Egypt has been through worse before ... thanx dwayne :hug: sorry for the depressing rambling lol 
boot-cheese-3000 Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2015
No that's fine, I want to know how things are in your Life these days. It may be depressing but it's Reality, and an inescapable one at that.

A Jordanian pilot was burned alive? That's just awful! What's even worse is having outsiders telling you how to act in these times but are allowing the French to arm themselves after that Hebdo massacre. They won't worry about Isis until they affect some Old World/New World territory such as Europe or the U.$., then they'll expect everybody to be on the same stinkin' page as they are and if you aren't then you must be in cahoots with the enemy on some "if you aren't with us you're against us" stance. That type of logic and attitude only breeds resentment, which I assume is happening over there towards the U.$., U.N. and the E.U.
dinamohammad Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
All the respect.. all the faith in God..I feel exactly what you feel .. It's just your word broke my heart even more
kasrawy Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
thank you dina, and sorry if what I wrote saddened you in one way or another , but am glad am not the only one thinking that way :rose:
dinamohammad Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
No, you're not the only one
LoneFury Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2013
My prayers to our brothers and sisters on Egypt <3…
kasrawy Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
thank you for your kind words 
LoneFury Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2013
gil251998 Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I wish all the best to you, please take care...
I am really worried about, hope to hear from you soon.
kasrawy Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
thanx gel am fine no need to worry 
alfredarchinc Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2013
It's really sad that it all boiled down to how it is now. I hope and pray that, somehow, God, in His infinite wisdom heal your land and prevent further bloodshed by showing the people that a peaceful resolution will be achieved. And this can only be achieved, in my opinion if no "foreign" influence is present. I also pray that you God will be with you through all this and He keeps you safe. 
kasrawy Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
my point of view exactly! unfortunately we are being toyed with not only influenced by foreign countries, all the sides are weakened by all this fighting and wants to side with a foreign alliance that will back their case , the problem is each country lending us a hand has it's own agenda and non of them consider the welfare of normal Egyptian citizens a part of it :s but i don't blame them really most of the people here are inhumane savages, we don't care about our own welfare why should they  
Ameban Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2013  Professional General Artist
I really hope your country doesn't fall into a Civil War. Mine had one some decades ago, and the consequences still being payed. It's a lame when there are twisted interests involved in those events.
My best wishes for you and your people.
kasrawy Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
thank you so much for your kind words I hope so too 
PaulV3Design Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2013   Digital Artist
What a terrible nightmare you are living through, I hope you find a way to live in safety. 
We never receive the full story here in the UK, everything is changed for propaganda.

What will you do? 
I wish you and your family luck and be safe. 
kasrawy Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
thank you paul, don't worry we stir away from the hot spots :) as for me well I wont be talking politics anytime soon , and I think it's time to wait and see whats going to happen , things are getting a bit hectic right now it's really hard to start making plans 

again thank you for your kind wishes :rose: 
PaulV3Design Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2013   Digital Artist
You're welcome and I just hope thing settle down soon.

Keep us informed of your well being. Stay safe. :)
enigmasi Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
kobaltkween Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
First, I have to thank you deeply for this very cogent explanation of events and moving and heartfelt words.  I think what's happening now is exactly why US politicians and press feared supporting the military unequivocally.  Not out of compassion, as they should have, but because none of them wanted to back the military and get chastised for it.  And, of course, the American powers that be will never feel safe about backing a fundamentalist Muslim group.  At least not so soon after having to go from backing the Taliban to fighting them in such a short time period.  I think our government wants stability with as little political cost to themselves as possible. 

From what you're saying, that possibility is vanishing or altogether gone.

The news I'm seeing here is still deeply flawed.  They never mention that Morsi was wanted for arrest and not complying with a warrant, which is key.  They never mention election fraud.  They never mention the Tamarod movement.  I think the present slant is towards the Brotherhood for exactly the reasons you've outlined: they're the only ones with a firm enough political base to create power.   Which means that they're describing all of the protestors as Brotherhood and not acknowledging the deaths of people in the the Tamarod movement.   But what's most relevant to all of us average citizens in the story you've told here that has gone unpublished is that the biggest problem is that the youth that created the change didn't have political power or even just political knowledge.  They could topple a dictator with 30 years of experience, but they couldn't replace him with their own candidates.  So the people who took over were the main threats to his own power.  The main threats to a dictator are only rarely wise and gentle leaders rather than demagogues who are just as single-minded and bloody.

I think what's saddest is exactly what you said.  It's always the youth who get sent to fight and die for causes, and never the people responsible for the turmoil.  Even now, Morsi is safer than the young people fighting in his name.  I'm beginning to think that all of us should take over our armies and have them build schools, bridges, roads, and homes.  And make the leaders who believe in fighting do it all by themselves.  I think compromise would come quicker if losing didn't mean someone _else_ had to suffer and all they had to give up was a portion (but not all) of their influence and wealth.  And I guess I'm seeing that people like Ghandi, Mandela and MLK, Jr. weren't simply kind in their commitment to non-violence, they were practical and wise.  No matter what good goals you have, violence can quickly erase them.   Once violence starts, no matter how just the cause, it becomes a force unto itself.   It's like a storm.

I am deeply, deeply saddened by your country's plight in general, and your situation specifically.  I still have hope, but only because I know your country has other people like you in it.  Please stay safe, and try to focus on the good people around you.  Take strength and hope from the people you care about.
kasrawy Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
thank malaika again for your concern you are really an amazing person , and as for the us action in all this well I know each country has it's own agenda and the us is waiting to see who is winning before choosing a side, politics is never about whats right and whats for the greater good , or maybe it's our media again :s portraying the US as the arch enemy like everybody here is talking about how the US is going to bomb syria as in iraq ... I really don't know please tell me whats truly happening in your part of the world :( 

as for the news the news here is flawed too so i cant blame the international media there are some gruesome footage shared by people here that were never shown on the tv screens or any form of national media . as for the strength of the brotherhood well they've been around for 80 years working in the shadows mostly they had their way with the old regime , also they won the compassion of most of the public claiming to be men of god that protect islam :s as for tamarod I have to correct something tamarod only made the petition against morsy , not 25 jan so the people who died were mostly young men and women with no political affiliation. and you really summed it up quite well 

and you are right people now are really weird , it's like they are thirty for blood thats just wrong we were not that violent really egyptian for know for how patient and timid they are , I'm really frustrated by all this and thank you for your encouraging words dear friend :rose: please keep in tough even if there is no politics involved :) i really enjoy talking with you 
zain1991 Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2013  Professional Interface Designer
i can completely relate to what you said specially about loosing hope but throughout the past 2 years i formed the following opinion:
India and Iran are 2 examples of  revolutions that were forced with great brutality by both the "sash" troops and the British army at the time, yet their revolutions remained basically peaceful, and both succeeded into making an independent country (Regardless of my opinion of their current leaders), many other examples can be found of the same thing, once a protest/revolution turn into an armed conflict its no longer a revolution its an armed rebellion at best cases (and that is only acceptable when facing a foreign occupation, not one's own army) and a civil war in worst case scenarios, i stopped supporting Syrian revolution long ago since they called the first Jihad against the Syrian army and all its supporters, even civilians!, and this was within the very first weeks the crises, not a year after like some people say, at first i decided to stay neutral, take no sides, but seeing the great media manipulation of blaming the army for murders done by extremists, the great manipulation of other countries to support jihad troops, the Syrian free army is no longer the biggest opposition armed group, this role has been taken by "jabhat a lousra" in which most members aren't even Syrian!!! facing these facts i can only support the army, i know they're not angels some UN-disciplined troops committed crimes of their own, i know the regime is overwhelmed by corruption and needs to be repaired if not even completely changed but the way i see it its not a revolution anymore its a war,probably even worse, splitting the army into 2 and most dangerosley i believe making two flags!! and dividng the country on territorial bases, its clear plans are put to divide our countries to bits and pieces, i don't view the Syrian soldiers as fighting for Bashar alAssad nor for the regime but for a strong united country.
And i believe just like Syria its the same plan in Egypt, believe when i see the news, the pictures, the social media sites,...etc its like watching what happened in Syria all over again, the same ways, the same one sided media coverage (from both sides). but i also believe Egypt has a strong army, i don't care about politicians all i know that the army is the only party that can keep the country united, there is always hope no matter how dark it gets.
kasrawy Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
moustafa it's really depressing whats happening in syria , hope you stay safe and i agree with you what is happening in the middle east is not a coincidence, all these divisions were planned for , and our leaders current and formal were the main catalyst for all this  , allah ye7asebhom 

I think our army wont divide it's always been a tight circle so I doubt they are going to divide even with the current situation escalating

but I really lost hope not in the army or the regime but in the people here we became bloodthirsty seeking violence like savages it's sickening, even normal civilians that  have no affiliation to any political party are extremely violent it's scary 
i know things in syria are bad but at least mostly syrians are victims as collateral damage, they have no blood on their hands 

I really dont know how these people say they fight for what right or for islam menhom le allah , be safe and i hope things cool down in syria soon the images we see from syria breaks my heart , allah ma3akom 

also I read in your note that next year inshalla is your final year .. I'd love to help you with your project :) if you may 
you are talented and mashallah your work is improving at an amazing rate hope to see more of your work soon :)  
zain1991 Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2013  Professional Interface Designer
overall i don't think I'll ever take arms and kill another person and probably my only active involvement through the crises is  through humanitarian aid (when i can) to those harmed by continuous fighting, that is most likely the wisest thing we can do :)
Khrizsrage Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2013
This is so awful... woow Thanks so much for writing this, no I have a clear view of what its going on because of stupid MEDIA (TV and NEWSPAPER) manipulate all the info. I hope you and your family are OK...please be carefull, dont expose yourself to abuse or anything dangerous, we to keep hearing of you I want to see your art for years... take care, Hughs and Kisses from Chile... You have all my spiritual and emotional company. Be strong.

kasrawy Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
thank you for your kind words and support it really means alot chris :rose: 
neroz-art Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2013  Hobbyist
well i read it all..
im so horribly soory for all the fake leaders who drove you innocent into a horrible mess!
im so sorry you got no safety anymore,you should leave if you can <3
allah m3akm
الله يمهل ولا يهمل
استودعتكم الله
kasrawy Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
shokran akhy 
mfu1986 Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2013
:( Be carefull please
kasrawy Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
thank you mehmet
mfu1986 Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2013
welcome as always Amber ;) 
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