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July 3, 2013


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please take a second of your time and read this 

To all my non Egyptian friends that are getting their news from the Western media. What is happening now in Egypt is NOT a military coup. It's the People's Revolution against a fascist, fanatic regime. 33 million Egyptians are out in the streets to kick Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood OUT once and for all, this is all because of the youth revolutionary movement named "TAMAROD: revolt" who gather over 22 million signed petition by the Egyptian citizens stating that we dont want morsi as a leader anymore, since he no longer honor the law nor the constitution . The media, especially CNN is depicting the picture that they want you to believe since the American administration supports this fanatic, terrorist government. The Egyptians have spoken with a completely free will power to change this country around. The army is by our side to protect us and protect our beloved Egypt.

this is another entry dated 9/7/2013

thank you all for reading this and also of the comment never thought that what happens here would intrigue this amount of people from around the world , it really gives me hope that Egypt could be something again , really thank you.

In the past few days tragic events happened , I was proud of the largest peaceful protest known in modern history , but things took an ugly turn. I live in cairo "al manyal" this neighborhood is like a small island in the nile one one side are the protesters of al tahrir "against morsy" and on the other side protesters of al nahda "pro morsi" , on the forsaken friday 5/7/2013 protesters of al nahda "pro morsi" attempted to extend their protesting territory to al manyal "where I live" people in my neighborhood asked them to leave , but thing started getting out of hand and the morsi pro group started attacking the civilians both verbally and physically , then retreated returning at about 8 pm with guns and the shooting started . total of 12 died 5 unarmed young men from al manyal 2 police officers from the forces who tried to interfere and I'm not sure about the rest but i think it's from the protesters of al nahda "pro morsi group" over 50 were severely injured , and all the deaths were by gun shots ... the pro morsi protesters aka the muslim brotherhood are not peaceful they don't negotiate and they don't want to resolve all peacefully , they think all of this is a religious matter and by removing morsi we are obscuring the islamic vision they have for the future of egypt. 

again two days ago another shameful massacre happened , the morsi protesters now protesting near the " Egyptian Republican Guard HQ" started elevating the situation and there was shooting between them and the army , they claimed that the army attacked while they were peacefully praying al fagr , while the army officially announced that it was not true they were armed and they wanted to infiltrate the HQ and backed up their words with a live footage taken from the scene of the accident. 51 died in that event and over 300 injured "Im not either pro the army nor the protesters , violence form either side is not what we want"

it's a shame what is happening now in egypt, we are trying to resolve all peacefully , just hope the other party would understand and start negotiation for the greater good of this country even after all the problems the brotherhood caused the new regime is willing to forgive and forget , also they are welcome to participate in the upcoming elections, wish all of this ends soon 

I'm really sorry for not answering you guys for the past few days but it was really a tough time for me, am praying all will be better soon 

PS: sorry for identifying the lives lost as soldiers / pro morsi / civilians / against morsi ... it's just to show that lives are lost from all sides, we are all Egyptians and any Egyptian dying - no matter what he dies for or his believes are- is a loss to us all 

this is another entry dated 26/7/2013

although it's Ramadan things been messy these past few days 3 young ladies died in al mansoura in the protests "morsi's supporters" , then a large number of soldiers dying daily in Sinai on the hands of terrorist groups , 3 civilians died by gunshots near al tahrir that had nothing to do with protests on the hands of gangs shooting randomly in the streets. things are getting out of hand the current government and morsi supporters are not trying to resolve this and innocent lives are being lost in the middle of this ridiculous dispute. Yesterday egypt's armed forces chief "adul fattah el sisi" called for mass protests to support his movement against "Terrorists", unfortunately his speech was vague with the definition of terrorists if it means the groups attacking our troops in Sinai and civilians in the streets than it's fine, but what some ppl here fear and I fear too is that this movement may include the protesters in rabaa "morsi's supporters" there are condemned criminals hiding among them but there are also thousands of innocents, things could go really simple if both sides decided to compromise, the liberals claim it's all because of the religious fascism of the brotherhood and the morsi supporters things it's an attack on islam :s , things are takinga dark turn all of a sudden and I really don't know what to think anymore , allah be with egypt 

this is another entry dated 27/7/2013

What I feared just happened 29 confirmed deaths and hundred's of injuries among rabaa's protesters, the story is the protesters tried to move outside rabaa to extend their protesting territory as an objection to what's happening , they were attacked by people living near the area "residents of mansheyat naser: one of the biggest and most dangerous slums in cairo" also the police forces interfered, the results were 29 confirmed deaths "all from rabaa protesters" and over 700 wounded, there was shooting as always from both sides. 

What hurts me in all this is that there are people here cheering and welcoming this kind of violence against the protesters from the brotherhood, it feels like getting sucked into the dark ages .The hatred between both sides is unbearable people are losing focus of what the revolution started for in the first place and are now focusing on either your supporting morsi or al sisi to hell with both, people are dying over political disputes is this the kind of freedom we asked for, all tainted with blood ... civilians dying , soldiers dying , young men and women dying . I really wish that this would end soon, enough bloodshed and accepting that people are being killed daily and encouraging such a behavior  is a crime above all 
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ahsan-academy Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2013   Interface Designer
To recite at situations like that in your country....

No planning is better than to seek the Help and peace from the Almighty Allah swt.

kasrawy Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
you are half right my brother we truly need to pray but we also need to do more as Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h.) said you have to think and  then rely on god, right now we all have to think clearly to at least side and fight with the party we know is right , but basically no matter who's right I hope that all this would end soon with the least blood shed possible 
Glorielfwings Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I hope you and all of your loved ones continue well.  Nothing is ever black and white and the best we can hopeful is a peaceful solution, without compromising too many of the rights and liberties you have fought for. :)
kasrawy Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
thank you gloria I'm fine dont worry , I really hope all this mess would end soon 
Glorielfwings Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
That is good to hear!! :) Me too!
enigmasi Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
soldier protecting people by shooting randomly people  over during praying?
kasrawy Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
with all due respect, this is not a religious dispute both sides are Muslims and no one here kills another while praying, praying in front of a gun is another thing if that ever happened , and if you have any footage of the shooting please share it , I know the turkish government is allied with the brotherhood and that only news from one side only reaches you, armed protests near armed forces bases is suicide, ikhwani or not . and there was no shooting while praying, the protesters where armed and I can send you footage if you want. unfortunately things now are not that peaceful I personally haven't witnessed anything thats why I'm not sharing anything, morsi's mismanagement is the reason we are all here now the reason egypt is divided like never before 
enigmasi Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
I didn't see it on turkish media, I saw it on an egyptian news, and it was outside of mosque. media here not showing anything. some of them showing as nothing important, some are showing what they see there, what they record.

whatever the reason, how bad mursi was, doesn't matter, it has been over a year but "revolution". what?
as I remember these people weren't against so during 30 years in the past

and I don't know why this sisi avoiding helps for palestine
I have right to suspect if israel and some other countries supporting sisi
kasrawy Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Al gezira is not Egyptian media and as for the shooting that killed 50 it was outside the Egyptian Republican Guard HQ where both the protesters ans the armed forces shoot at each other , if you mean the incident that was in broad day light well it was in al arish… 1- as you can see the army vehicles where there before the prayer 2- no one praying died that day 3- al arish is in Sinai and it's infested with terrorists right now and they've been actively targeting civilians and the armed forces there ever since morsi's removal

and yes people weren't against tyranny for over 40 years in egypt but once you stood up for yourself there is no turning back , morsi is incompetent beyond description, he's a disgrace to islam and Muslims too, do you understand arabic if so try watching any of his two hours speeches then judge how good he is 

and sis is not the president to make a decision like that president adly mansor is responsible for this kind of affairs and what help exactly is he avoiding for the Palestinians. and do you know how many Syrians and Palestinians live in egypt right now, and if he's supported by Israel as you claimed we could have doubled the armed forces in Sinai and got rid of all the terrorists killing soldiers and civilians daily there, please try to get your facts right before an argument , I'm not supporting the army by the way also not supporting any type of violence specially against unarmed civilians Muslim brotherhood or not nobody should die over political disputes this is all signs of immaturity and incompetence , morsi is not more valuable than anybody dying in the streets nor the sisi is 
enigmasi Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
these are not "my facts", and I'm also not fan of morsi or anybody
I care about egyptian people that dying,
morsi may do wrong or right, it's politics,

if you know our history, you can see how it was here with army, I support democracy, whenever army touches this, it just gets worse and worse,
I don't think half of egypt is enemy of other half
and I don't believe whoever doing anything for this, also not real muslim
you don't have to name it "Muslim brotherhood", muslims  are already brothers and sisters
and I don't want my brothers to die for nothing
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